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A Multifaceted Approach to Address Variation in Cannabis Sativa
Dissertation: University of Northern Colorado, May 2019

For thousands of years, humans have cultivated and dispersed Cannabis sativa L.
across the globe. Although Cannabis has been largely illegal worldwide for decades,
public perceptions and attitudes are changing. Increasing interest in potential Cannabis
usage worldwide and nationwide is leading to less restrictions to make way for an
expanding and lucrative industry with numerous applications. Although only one species
is formally recognized in the Cannabis genus, thousands of years of artificial selection
for diverse phenotypes and uses have resulted in two major usage groups; hemp-types
which are defined worldwide as having very low levels of THC (< 1.0%), and drug-types
which exceed a specified level of THC that varies among nations. The drug-type category
includes three commonly used subcategories including Sativa, Indica and Hybrid types,
and newly developed high CBD varieties that have more THC than hemp-types but are
not bred for high THC. The quality of federally produced Cannabis for medical studies in
the U.S. has recently been brought into question, and we included samples to determine
the genetic relationship to these groups.....

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