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The Emerald Conference 2023 Interview with Dr Anna Schwabe MITA Unshackled

Demitri & Destinee dive deep into cannabis genetics and discuss my dissertation on cannabis relationships, genetic diversity, distinct strains such as 'Blue Dream', and identification of strains in dispensaries.


Cannabis genetics have truly gone wild with new strains emerging every day. On this episode of Smoke N' Science we break down Cannabis genetics with expert Dr. Anna Schwabe, PhD., also known as "Dr. Annabis". Anna is a passionate researcher, educator, and cannabis enthusiast. You may have heard of "pheno-hunting," but what is a phenotype? And what changes in the plant's genetics lead to different effects and varieties of the plant? Answers to this and more on this episode!

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In this interview, you'll meet Dr. Anna Schwabe. I was so excited for this one because Dr. Schwabe says that she'll die on the hill screaming that STRAIN NAMES MATTER. And, she should know! She has her Ph.D. in this exact topic. So, cozy in and learn from an expert in the field about cannabis

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Streamed live on Oct 13, 2021

Comparative Genetic Structure of Cannabis sativa, including Federally Produced, Wild Collected, and Cultivated Samples.

JotaHerb’s Grow N Tell : Episode 30
Indica and Sativa, let get into the discussion about whether these terms are useful. We will be joined by a special guest @anna.the.cannabis.geneticist who wrote a paper on the subject.

Anna, Casey, Cory, Molly, and special guests dissect and discuss published scientific literature articles each week on the 🍃Canna Book Club📚 🎥
Resinate Radio is a cannabis-based podcast focusing on cultivation, research and lifestyle conversations that create an inclusive, safe space.

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Ask the Cannabis Nerd!!! on Future Cannabis Project (FCP02)
This was one cool show, full of true advocates for the plant looking to give back to the community!! Future Cannabis Project gathered cannabis nerds from far, and wide... from the deepest dankest grows to the sunny hills of Humboldt and answered your questions!! Click the link to listen to the discussions.

Podcasts and Webcasts: Projects
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Join Mandi Kerr and Anna Schwabe, Ph.D., Cannabis Expert and Population Geneticist on Wednesday morning’s episode of Moving HEMP Forward

We talk about:

• Plant - Genetics

• Phenotypes

• Taxonomics

• Terminology

• Evolutionary History

• Sources of Variation

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During Day 1 of Dumb Question Amnesty Week, we asked submitted and live questions to cannabis geneticist, Anna Schwabe, PhD, about hemp genetics. Many myths were debunked, terminology was clarified, and questions about seeds and cloning were answered. 

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Behind-the-scenes episode 36 is now available, featuring plant geneticist and Cannabis researcher, Anna Schwabe PhD!

Anna's PhD work focused on understanding the sources of variation among Cannabis plants. Why do they look different, smell different, etc? And can people actually distinguish these differences organoleptically through smell, sight and taste?


Our conversation explored the insights she gained during her research including why she is not ready to retire the indica/sativa vernacular. We also discuss the need of scientists to find better ways to communicate with the public that respects anecdotal reports and experiences while maintaining a critical pursuit of truth.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and I look forward to following up with Anna for more conversations in the future, as this conversation raised many questions and other topics that beg to be explored.


Find the podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts!


Stay curious, and take it easy.

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Abhi and Anna discuss science, education and Cannabis through a series of relatively short stories

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I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend and colleague, Dr. Jonny Lisano about my research on cannabis genetics. We talked about a whole bunch of stuff from genetic consistency and strain classification to potency labeling and testing discrepancies. As Jonny said, we left no stone left unturned...Listen now!  



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