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The recent legalization of medical Cannabis in 25 states and the District of Columbia, and decriminalization in many states, has led to a surge of new strains that vary widely in appearance, taste, smell, psychotropic effects, and cannabinoid levels. As more people look to Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, it is important to further explore the inconsistencies seen in the genotypes within Cannabis strains to determine if there are similar inconsistencies observed in the chemotypes. Research on the chemical constituents of Cannabis, including cannabinoids and terpenes, is abundant. However, relatively few genetic studies have been conducted and the origins and genetic identities of most Cannabis strains are largely unknown. This study aims to investigate genetic and chemical  aspects of multiple Cannabis strains concomitantly to determine the relationship between genotype and chemotype. (Research Night, April 2018 University of Northern Colorado, Greeley Colorado)

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Sclerocactus glaucus  is an endangered native Colorado cactus which occurs in relatively small populations in western Colorado. There is concern that S. glaucus is hybridizing with the closely related and common S. parviflorus, which may be detrimental to the continuation of this rare species. Sclerocactus glaucus numbers have been estimated at approximately 10,000, however, recent studies suggest that numbers may be much lower. If pristine populations of S. glaucus  are identified, conservation efforts and land management plans can be made so this rare Colorado native cactus may be preserved. (Botany, St. Louis, MO, July 2011)

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